Production Capabilities

  • Shearing – Wysong 1010 Power Shear

– 10′ long sheets 10 gauge mild steel, 14 gauge stainless steel, 1/8″ aluminum

  • Bending – Roper Whitney 1014K and 1016 AutoBrakes, and various other manually operated brakes

– 10′ long sheets 16 gauge mild steel and stainless steel, 0.100″ aluminum

  • Plasma Cutting – PlasmaCAM CNC table with Hypertherm Powermax 600 plasma torch

– 4′ x 4′ table that can index to cut up to 4′ wide x 12′ long sheets.

– Max material thickness of ~5/8″ (cut quality is higher with thinner materials).

  • Roll Forming

– The following roofing and soffit/wall panel profiles can be roll formed in our shop:

Roof Panels

Soffit/Wall Panels

– Various profiles can be roll formed using manual methods to produce curved flashings

  • Joining/Seaming/Sealing

– Galvanized, copper and stainless steel flashings can be solder sealed with 50/50 Sn/Pb solder.

– Various forms of mechanical seaming are available, including Pittsburgh lock, pipelock, standing seam, drive lock, dovetail lock

– Stainless Steel blind (“pop”) rivets in various colors